Stop Selling Canned Solutions



Your healthcare client is juggling three balls; Organizational Needs, Patient-Care Needs, and Technology needs.  The focus might change over time, but these three needs are always the constant.  The ideal solution for your healthcare client must satisfy all three.


To find this ideal solution, a Needs Assessment is a must.  Don’t minimize this step and go straight to the solution.  Every healthcare organization is different and a “One Size Fits All” solution is a losing proposition.   You must take the time to understand your clients’ individual needs or your solution will be dismissed.

Your needs assessment should include:

  1. Observation – Watch the environment during normal hours.  Pay careful attention to the activities.
  2. Interviewing all invested parties –   Have a prepared list of questions that you ask each user.  By asking identical questions to each user you can compare answers to look for common problems.  Yes/No questions should never be used.
  3. Process Review – Sometimes called “Directed Story Telling” is a process of asking your users to take you through what they do step by step.
  4. Think-Aloud Walk Through – Ask your user to tell you every aspect of their existing system of process.

After you collect a full set of information from your needs assessment, from multiple user groups, overlaps will become apparent.  These overlaps are the important factors that you need to address in your solution.  In addition, by applying knowledge of your product or service, you can create a solution that will leverage the greatest assets of your offering.


With a passion for solving problems, Chris has been in management, marketing and sales in the healthcare market for over 25 years.