Your clients are adjusting… Are you?



Your healthcare clients are changing how services are delivered. Your healthcare clients are adapting to the new model and your solutions should also.  The goal is to lower healthcare costs over the long term, but in the short term, the healthcare provider will be feeling the pain in their checkbook. Part of the lowered cost is achieved through improved coordination of care through the use of technology. This ramped up technology comes with an initial capital cost but ultimately healthcare will reap the benefits of this new technology. Being able to adapt to changing technology is paramount in the healthcare environment. How does your solution support the integrating of current and future technology?

Efficiency has never been as important as it is today. Designing environments based on efficiencies touch every area of the hospital from speeding up imaging tests to designing a nurse station to maximize productivity, and ultimately showing how these changes impact overall performance. Does your solution minimize steps, maximize performance, and leverage existing efficiencies? Can you show how it does?

Patient readmission now results in a lower reimbursement rate. Hospitals have a focus effort on transitioning patients from the hospital to the home and through preventive health efforts the healthcare provider now has the economic incentive to provide the services to help the patient stay healthier. Can you help support these efforts through a tie into remote monitoring, telehealth, or telemedicine?

Once seen as an intangible, Patient Satisfaction can now result in a rise or deduction of up to 1 percent in Medicare reimbursements. Healthcare organizations now understand, better than ever, that improving quality service directly impacts their bottom line. How does your product solution support the client’s patient satisfaction efforts?

Integrated Delivery Systems are expanding by merging. Even rural hospitals are not immune. The trend is toward rural hospital operating as ambulatory care clinics and transferring patients to larger specialty centers. Can you provide an integrated delivery and support system to address all the client locations in a seamless manner?

With the emergence of account care organizations, healthcare systems are employing more physicians. In addition, the anticipated demand brought on by the newly insured will deepen the physician shortage. To compensate for the physician shortage, the healthcare market will rely heavily on staff retention and technology. Can you show how your solution is designed to support staff retention efforts? Does your solution allow for easy integration of technology?




With a passion for solving problems, Chris has been in management, marketing and sales in the healthcare market for over 25 years.