Solutions for Healthcare “People”



I found myself writing another “fact” based post this week, but I shelved it after reading an interesting post by an anesthesiologist from LA.

It is easy to get caught up in facts and trends and lose sight that we are providing solutions to healthcare “people”. When you work with people, the most important trait you can have is empathy. The more you understand what your clients do each day, and more importantly, how your clients are feeling about their surroundings, the better provider you will be. It is the whole “walk a mile in my shoes” thing; but with healthcare, very rarely can you experience it first-hand. This however, does not give you a free pass. Today we live in a connected society and you can learn from experiences posted by healthcare providers. Back to the post I was reading…

Dr. Karen Sibert wrote a post on wearing gloves while caring for patients titled “Touch your patient. Don’t wear gloves.” Not only is it a good read but it also gives an insight to how this provider is feeling about the infection control initiatives. You might say “so what, this is waste of my time,” but I would say you are being foolish. This information is priceless and this insight will make you a more effective provider. When working with my healthcare clients, I now understand these additional challenges. I have more information and a new question to ask my clients;

 “I understand the challenges you face with infection control while trying to maintain patient interaction.  If you can tell me how you like to work, I can design the environment around your workflow, rather than your workflow adapting to the environment.”

Read the article and I am sure you can also glean your own insights. But do not stop there; I challenge you to find others to read on a regular basis. Here are some that are part of my weekly read list:

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