Modular construction becoming standard – It’s about time



I was reading an article this week about modular construction being increasingly used in healthcare projects.  To be honest, my gut reaction was “finally they get it” and “it’s about time”, and there might have been a few expletives thrown in there also.  Once I got that out of my system, the impact of this long overdue shift became apparent.

You might be asking yourself the same question I asked myself;  “Why Now?”.   The answer is easy – it’s all about the economics. The bottom line is modular construction reduces cost and shortens construction schedules.  We all know that in today’s healthcare climate such costs saving have strategic importance.  Cost reduction is a matter of survival for healthcare providers.

At minimum, modular components in the form of medical gases, head-walls, electrical, and HVAC units are becoming a standard. But, the exciting aspect is the increased level of modular construction including prefabricated units.  Larger projects are increasingly using modular construction for the rooms themselves in the form of pods.  These pods are produced offsite in a production setting and shipped to the jobsite ready to install.

Why is this so exciting?  Prefabricated units require standardization in size and in configuration.   A client who wants standardization is the ideal customer for a FF&E supplier.  Another wonderful aspect of this shift is the fact that a customer seeking standardization is not looking for custom solutions.  So items once banned to the world of construction budgets will now be considered FF&E budget items.

For any supplier selling FF&E solutions, moving items from one budget to another has been a huge obstacle.  Now this door has been opened for them and YOU need to make sure you are there waiting when they step through.

With a passion for solving problems, Chris has been in management, marketing and sales in the healthcare market for over 25 years.