Major Increase in OR Renovations



If you have not already, you will soon notice a major increase in OR renovations and construction; and most, if not all, will be Hybrid OR’s.  As in all other areas, technology is pushing the Hybrid OR development. Cutting edge 3D imaging allows the surgical team to evaluate in near real time and begin more advanced operations immediately if necessary.

So let me give you the basics:

The concept is to bring imaging into the OR.  Traditionally, the operating room and imaging location are in two separate spaces requiring two separately scheduled times.  This required patients to leave and re-enter sterile fields.  A hybrid arrangement brings both the operating room and the imaging room into one combined area.  By adding imaging into the OR, varying specialties can work together for a positive patient outcome.  This integration also results in safer and quicker recovery times.

Sounds great right… but, the logistics can be tricky.  The requirements necessary for a hybrid OR include a larger room that addresses the technological needs used in both an operating room and an imaging center.  This means not just more room for the housing of OR and imaging equipment, but also more room for the additional staff.  So, creating a Hybrid OR is not the repurposing of a room, but rather the creation of a new space.

Hybrid OR’s are an opportunity for those who have products and services that support the hybrid environment.  Want to see what this arrangement looks like?  There are some great 360 degree tours located online.  Here is one:

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