Modular Products over Fixed Products



One of the biggest mistakes sales people make when talking to healthcare clients is to immediately start with features and benefits.  Don’t get me wrong, these features are fun to talk about and can distinguish you from your competition, but the real story about “using modular over fixed” is flexibility.  Modular solutions bring flexibility to an environment that enables change.

When people talk about modular, most people talk about wholesale change; moving from location “A” to location “B’.  This does happen from time to time, but what happens more often is incremental change.  As equipment evolves and procedures change, there is a continual need for small adjustments to keep the environments functioning.  These incremental changes happen on a regular basis in healthcare.  Modularity facilitates this process.

Let’s throw technology into the mix.  If you haven’t noticed then you are not paying attention, because changing technology is requiring healthcare to program in flexibility; not only in their systems, but also in the environments that support the technology.  This is the perfect opportunity to talk about how your solution will not only support current technology needs, but also have the ability to address changing technology in the future.

Flexibility is the real advantage you bring to the table when you are selling a modular solution over a fixed solution.  So, when you stand in front of your healthcare client, stifle the urge to jump right into features and benefits and take the time to talk about the flexibility your solutions bring to their environment.

With a passion for solving problems, Chris has been in management, marketing and sales in the healthcare market for over 25 years.