So you think you are in healthcare…



I was working with several dealers this month; reviewing their offerings and plugging the holes in the applications they were missing.  I was amazed by the number of missing applications and wrong products.  If you are not addressing critical applications you are missing out.  I am going to share my cheat sheet with all of you.

These are the healthcare applications you should be addressing:

Nursing Stations – Seating and counters for both centralized and decentralized solutions.  These solutions should be easily cleaned with minimal crevasses.  Counters should have technology integration with room for expansion to facilitate future change.  A full line of ergonomic task seating is a must.   Don’t forget messaging centers and infection control centers.

Diagnostic Lab – A complete solution should contain cabinet-based solutions, free-standing benches, height-adjustable tables, seating (both task and stool-based), a full selection of lab-grade worktops and hoods.

Pharmacy – A general casework is not enough.   You need to bring a solution with specialized designs for the pharmacy.  Sloped shelving is a must either in bench format or casework. Height adjustable solutions are becoming more and more requested, as well as the ability to integrate automation. There are also some areas that might require sterile solutions, so a stainless line of casework should be part of your mix.

Procedure – Your solution should include storage elements in the form of modular casework.  Your casework offering should include stainless as well as an easy-to-clean laminate option.  A mobile storage solution should also be included.  Your seating offering should include task and stool-based seating that can be easily cleaned.

Imaging – The imaging area can be broken down into two environments: the patient area and the technician area.  The patient area will contain storage elements to support the imaging equipment.  In many cases, nonferrous materials need to be used, so ask many questions to make sure your solutions fill the equipment requirements.  The technician area is much less stringent.  These stations are multi-monitor work environments, so panel-based systems with task seating will work quite well.

Exam – The standard solution for storage needs has been a casework solution.  The current trend is now moving towards a wall-mounted solution which allows for easy cleaning.  In addition, the depth of these storage elements has been moving from 24” deep to 18” deep.  Seating for the staff is mostly stool-based seating but there should also be guest seating for family members.  Your offering should include messaging and infection-control centers, a charting station and in some cases, a conferencing area.  Lastly, you must have an exam table solution.

Oncology – Your solution should create a comfortable environment for infusion patients. The focal point must be an infusion recliner.  From there, add family seating, casework and other storage elements.  I-charting stations should also be included.

Patient Rooms – There are Items that are needed for the patient comfort but also items so staff can work efficient.  A full line of products to complete the family area should include sleep sofas, recliners, and general guest seating.  There will be storage elements so a casework line is needed, standard floor models with overheads and wall-mounted systems.  You will be required to create a “foot wall” with these elements.  Messaging center are now required so a solution for these is a must.  Also include a PAC solution for charting, infection control centers and signage.

Central Supply – This is an easy one.  A storage solution utilizing a wire shelving system and high-density solution will fill the need.

Sterile Areas – There will always be a need for stainless, so it is important that you have a quality stainless supplier.  You need to be able to supply seating in this environment also.  Make sure you have a seating option for sterile environments.

Video Conferencing – For some of you this might seem a stretch, but you need to be looking into this technology.  The market is moving in this direction and soon every physician office, nursing station, and patient room will have this technology.

Now, a couple words of advice on products: Do your research.  Double check to make sure all products are applicable for positioned applications.  For example, not any recliner can be used in oncology.  You need to check with each manufacturer to make sure they can address the infusion requirements.  If you need any help, let me know.


With a passion for solving problems, Chris has been in management, marketing and sales in the healthcare market for over 25 years.